Sony Playstation 4.5 is Now Confirmed

E3 2016 is all set next week and before the event, there are already a lot of rumors regarding the game consoles.

There is a rumor that Microsoft will be releasing a slimmer version of the Xbox One that is capable of handling 4K resolution movies. There is also a rumor that Microsoft is working on the Xbox One’s successor; a project known as “Scorpio”.

Then, there are rumors circulating Sony and its flagship game console, the Playstation 4. The Playstation 4 would have a mini-upgrade in the form of the “Project Neo”, otherwise known as the Playstation 4.5.

The Playstation 4.5 is no longer a rumor as Sony has confirmed that they will be releasing the said game console this year.

The newer Playstation 4.5 is not to replace the standard PS4, but rather, it was made just to complement it.

That is because the upcoming Playstation 4.5 will be able to run PS4 games just fine and newer games will be even more enhanced when played on the PS 4.5.

With that being said, what was changed in the Playstation 4? Before I reveal the specs, it would be wise for me to tell you the specs of the current PS4.

The current Playstation 4 game console has 8 Jaguar cores clocked at 1.6GHz for the CPU. For the GPU, the Playstation 4 is powered by the AMD GNC, 18 Compute Units clocked at 800MHz each. And lastly, the PS4 game console comes with a hefty 8GB of GDDR5 memory and it is reported to have a frequency of 17GB/s.

Now, let’s talk about the specs of the upcoming Playstation 4.5. The new game console will still have 8 Jaguar CPU cores but it is now clocked higher at 2.1GHz, respectively. For the GPU, it is still powered by an AMD GPU but it has been beefed up to 36 Compute Units and all are clocked at 911 MHz.

But what really surprised me is the memory modules that come with the game console. The PS 4.5 will still have 8GB of total memory but the memory bandwidth is at 218 GB/s. Just look at the huge leap in memory frequency between the old and the new Playstation game console!

Just imagine the power that the new PS 4.5 can bring to the table. This would mean that game developers will have a chance to flex their creative muscles and create a game that will really showcase the power of the PS 4.5.

Along with the new game console, they will also release their new Sony VR headset as well. Sony has clarified that the new VR headset will work on both game consoles, although, I must admit that the new game console will surely be better in terms of performance.

Now that Sony has officially announced the new Sony Playstation 4.5, unfortunately, there is a slight bad news.

The new game console will not be showcased at the E3 2016 event. That is so that the sales of the current PS4 will not be affected.

Still, I am pretty sure a lot of Playstation fans are happy with the news. Are you going to buy a Playstation 4.5? The game console is set to be released in October along with the Sony VR Headset.