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From Longboards to Shortboards and Back Again

Do you ride in search of the perfect wave? Surfing is a great sport, and has the power to engulf you with just one ride. Not only is the sport of surfing about the hunt for the perfect wave, and to be able to ride it through, but it’s also great because there are other ways to master the sport. You need to have the right board for fun, and different ways to ride the waves summitboard.co.

The sport of surfing has come a long way since the days of an extremely heavy surfboard made of local Hawaiian trees. Today there are many different kinds of surfboards made of different materials, and in all kinds of shapes and sizes. Each board provides the rider with different ways to experience the waves.

First, there’s the Longboard. The long board was the first of its kind. The original surfboard was a long board, and weighed about 150 pounds. Today’s long board is made out of polyurethane and is very light. The length is usually about nine feet but sometimes ranges to 12 feet. The long board is perfect if you’re trying to catching waves whether big or small, and glides through the water easily and gracefully.

Next are Shortboards. These are great if you’re up for tricks and want maneuverability on the water. They are typically between five to seven feet in length, and are thin in width. It has a pointed nose and a square tail. It also usually has three skegs, which are the fins on the board, but sometimes might only have two or as many as five. The downside to this type of ride is that with the smaller size, it is more difficult to catch waves. Their peak performance is in large, steep waves. This type of board is great for experienced riders and not often recommended for beginners. Once you get some practice on a longboard, then you will feel a lot more comfortable taking on the risks of the shortboard.