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Test To Become UK Citizen

Many people want to become a UK citizen but the tests are not easy. For the visa only, the british life skills that needs to be passed for the spouse who wants to apply for a visa. The British government wants immigrants who want to become citizens to know all aspects of Britain including history and culture. The government is launching a new, revised guidebook entitled “Life in the UK” in preparation for tests that immigrants want to settle in. Previous tests included various practical questions about daily life. The new test will include questions about sports, music, historical figures, and culture from William Shakespeare to Winston Churchill. The British government says a new guidebook published Monday also presents English satires and jokes. The government said it aimed to help immigrants understand “the values and principles of becoming British citizens.”

Many people want to stay in the UK and be a citizen because one advantage is health insurance. In England, to get health services there was no queue. Because to make an appointment with a doctor, it can be done by telephone. In many countries, the queue at the hospital is too long. Even though the control at the doctor was only 10 minutes. In England, you made an appointment with the telephone. Not to mention that all diseases are covered. Both Britons or permanent guests (foreigners) who are sick, all borne by the NHS. No exception to chronic disease. All residents are invited to live a healthy life because there is regular counseling every month.

In England, the health worker takes precautions such as coming to the apartment and teaching us many things, such as healthy cooking, for example, how much sugar and salt are. Why not use sugar or salt. For hospitalization, all people will be served the same. There is no particular class that distinguishes a person’s status. This is why the UK has many immigrants that want to stay in the country.