HCG – Is It the Best Way to Lose Weight?

Among all the trades in the world, selling of medicines has an important position. Since they are life-saving and they are needed every day, medicines don’t see a downfall. There are medicines for almost every kind of disease in the world. But, it is important for a person to know if a particular medicine is genuine or not.

There is a commonly accepted belief that if a man needs to be physically fit; he needs to have his body weight under control. There are so many medical articles which suggest you some methods to reduce your weight. The HCG diet as prescribed by Dr.Simeon has been many suggested and prescribed by many companies for the people who want to lose weight. So, what is HCG? The abbreviation HCG stands for Human Chorionic Gonadotrophin. It is a hormone produced by a woman when she is pregnant. This hormone is produced by non-pregnant woman and men also, in some conditions. This hormone is artificially applied in a human body to make the person lose weight. Moreover, the HCG diet puts forth a strict diet to be followed by the person who is injected. The hormone is given to the person in many forms like injection, pills, sprays, drops etc. But the FDA does not approve of such diet methods which promise to reduce as much as one pound of weight per day. It is normal to lose weight for a person who follows a strict diet like that of HCG diet.

HCG diet does not allow the person to take more than 500 per day. Doctors say that a normal person needs 1000 – 1500 calories a day. So, FDA says that if a person loses his weight dramatically by following HCG diet, it is not because of the hormone but because of the diet plan. The diet allows the person only two meals a day, a lunch and a dinner. And each one of his meals should not have more than one vegetable, one fruit, one protein and one bread. Moreover the diet doesn’t allow the person to do physical exercise which is also considered as not a good one.

The diet allows you to consume any amount of water, tea and coffee. HCG diets are used only for obese people. Even that is done under the supervision of a medical practitioner.

Sony Playstation 4.5 is Now Confirmed

E3 2016 is all set next week and before the event, there are already a lot of rumors regarding the game consoles.

There is a rumor that Microsoft will be releasing a slimmer version of the Xbox One that is capable of handling 4K resolution movies. There is also a rumor that Microsoft is working on the Xbox One’s successor; a project known as “Scorpio”.

Then, there are rumors circulating Sony and its flagship game console, the Playstation 4. The Playstation 4 would have a mini-upgrade in the form of the “Project Neo”, otherwise known as the Playstation 4.5.

The Playstation 4.5 is no longer a rumor as Sony has confirmed that they will be releasing the said game console this year.

The newer Playstation 4.5 is not to replace the standard PS4, but rather, it was made just to complement it.

That is because the upcoming Playstation 4.5 will be able to run PS4 games just fine and newer games will be even more enhanced when played on the PS 4.5.

With that being said, what was changed in the Playstation 4? Before I reveal the specs, it would be wise for me to tell you the specs of the current PS4.

The current Playstation 4 game console has 8 Jaguar cores clocked at 1.6GHz for the CPU. For the GPU, the Playstation 4 is powered by the AMD GNC, 18 Compute Units clocked at 800MHz each. And lastly, the PS4 game console comes with a hefty 8GB of GDDR5 memory and it is reported to have a frequency of 17GB/s.

Now, let’s talk about the specs of the upcoming Playstation 4.5. The new game console will still have 8 Jaguar CPU cores but it is now clocked higher at 2.1GHz, respectively. For the GPU, it is still powered by an AMD GPU but it has been beefed up to 36 Compute Units and all are clocked at 911 MHz.

But what really surprised me is the memory modules that come with the game console. The PS 4.5 will still have 8GB of total memory but the memory bandwidth is at 218 GB/s. Just look at the huge leap in memory frequency between the old and the new Playstation game console!

Just imagine the power that the new PS 4.5 can bring to the table. This would mean that game developers will have a chance to flex their creative muscles and create a game that will really showcase the power of the PS 4.5.

Along with the new game console, they will also release their new Sony VR headset as well. Sony has clarified that the new VR headset will work on both game consoles, although, I must admit that the new game console will surely be better in terms of performance.

Now that Sony has officially announced the new Sony Playstation 4.5, unfortunately, there is a slight bad news.

The new game console will not be showcased at the E3 2016 event. That is so that the sales of the current PS4 will not be affected.

Still, I am pretty sure a lot of Playstation fans are happy with the news. Are you going to buy a Playstation 4.5? The game console is set to be released in October along with the Sony VR Headset.

How to Administer HCG Injections Safely – Essential Steps to Consider


HCG, also known as Human Chorionic Gonadotropin, is an hormonal medication which is administered in the form of intra-muscular injections. It is suited to both men and women who are opting to discard extra pounds from the body quickly by self administering the weight loss injections under the skin or in the muscles as the HCG hormones infused through vein get dissolved in the blood and show effective results immediately by targeting abnormal fat accumulated on different body parts and convert them into calories which are needed by the body during low calorie diet period. Supervision of medical expert is always recommended to administer this weight loss injection as it can cause adverse effects if not done correctly. You need to visit HCG clinics for leaning how to infuse weight loss hormones in the body through shots. One needs to undergo training and preparation in order to gain confidence before administering HCG injections on their own.

Here are some steps that need to be considered while preparing to infuse HCG injections.


One should read the instruction and gain some understanding regarding what steps need to be followed while administering injections. It really helps in avoiding the opening the package or injectable needles before scheduled time in order to protect it from contamination. Specific instructions need to be followed which are provided by physician while mixing injections in order to avail effective results. Hands need to be washed properly before opening the HCG box. Once the package is opened, vial of water as well as HCG powder is present. Wipe the rubber stopper under the plastic pop-off top by having an alcohol wipe. Open up the syringe packaging, which has the needle actually attached. Don’t take away the plastic cap through the needle right up till able to mix the medicine.Take off the plastic cap from the needle, getting diligent to not ever get in touch with the needle. If the needle contacts whatever by chance, throw out it and start up yet another syringe. Move the plunger back to about the 1 cc or 1 ml place. Insert the tip of your needle straight into water vial and push air into your vial. This will make it easier to withdraw liquid. With the tip of the syringe even now inside the vial, turn the vial upside down. Ensure that the tip remains within the substance.

Take out the recommended degree of solution through the vial. Taking good care not to ever invade the needle, inject the liquid in the product vial by just pressuring the tip throughout the rubberized stopper and pushing concerning the plunger. Take out the needle with the vial and throw away the same.

Administration Select the area of injecting the HCG hormones in the body. The upper outer quadrant of the buttock and top of the thigh are the areas which are commonly used for infusing weight loss hormone through syringe. Please check the vial before injecting the needle. Shaking of vial is not allowed. Aggravate it gently a couple of times whenever required. Open a whole new syringe. Replace the top part of a container by having an alcohol wipe once more. Eliminate the plastic lid and embed the top in the needle into the vial. Invert the vial and withdraw the specified number of prescription medication. Flick the syringe lightly to clear out air bubbles.

Grasp the skin throughout the area of injections tightly using the thumb and forefinger to hold your skin. With rigid, quick actions, press the needle all the way into your skin. If blood stream appears, suggesting that the needle was in a blood vessel. Unhold the skin and press the plunger along to inject the HCG hormones gently into the body.

Immediately remove the needle from the skin once the medication is injected in the blood vessels. If that area of injection is still bleeding, maintain pressure for a minute or two as well as place bandage on that site to inhibit flow of blood.Oral Sublingual drops are the newest form of HCG diet and its administration does not have any pain and side effects like injections. This form of HCG diet is also getting prevalent in all the major cities of Canada. These drops are homeopathic in nature and are manufactured after the series of rigorous dilution. Dieter need to take 10 drops thrice a day along with VLCD in order to achieve goal weight quickly. These oral HCG drops can be purchased over the counter such as medical stores, HCG clinic and supermarket without any medical prescription. Administration of HCG drops under the tongue does not require any supervision of medical expert as it is simple and easy to take. It is always advisable to order it online from a reputed website that provide money back guarantee incase diet doesn’t work. Dieter needs to follow Simeons protocol properly in order to achieve desired goal weight.

Battery Doctor App for Android

Are you always on the go and that you do not always have the time to charge your mobile phone? Are you always in a situation where you minimize all the apps manually just to save on battery?

If so, you may want to try an amazing app for Android mobile phones. The Battery Doctor App for Android is a godsend for people who always wants to get every drop of juice their mobile phone’s battery has.

Before I talk about the Battery Doctor App for Android even further, here is a quick look at all the app’s features:

  • Disable unnecessary apps that drain your battery!
  • Save Power Shortcut which kills tasks with one tap!
  • Kill apps when the screen is off!
  • Accurate battery remaining time!
  • Accurate charging time remaining!
  • Schedule power saving modes for work/class/sleep and more!
  • Unique 3 Stage Charging System!
  • Wi-Fi/Data/Bluetooth toggles!
  • Brightness control!
  • CPU Management (for rooted phones)!
  • Battery temperature!
  • Smart charging tips!
  • Handy weather notifications and local forecasts.
  • 28 languages supported!
  • Simple easy-to-use interface!

The Battery Doctor App for Android was carefully coded to bring out the best your mobile phone’s battery has to offer. If you go to the main interface of the app, it allows you to optimize your mobile phone so that it will kill all unnecessary apps that are sucking all of your phone’s battery.

For example, suppose there is an app that drains a lot of juice from your phone’s battery, Battery Doctor App for Android will let you know how this app is affecting your phone’s battery life and it will kill the app once you gave it permission to.

There are also a lot of features this Android app for mobile phones has. When you recharge your mobile phone, the Battery Doctor App for Android replaces your screensaver in the entire duration that your phone is plugged into its charger. This screensaver will give you notifications on which stage the battery life of the phone is at.

It employs a 3-stage battery saving protocol that allows you to not only charge it fast but also help increase the life span of your mobile phone’s battery.

The three stages of the battery saving protocol are charging, full, trickle. The first 2 stages are when the phone’s battery is charging from 0-100%. The last stage, the trickle stage, is a mechanism where the app lengthens the battery’s life span.

The app’s screensaver is also quite informative. It not only gives you detailed information about your phone’s current battery status, but is also gives you information about the local weather, the mobile phone’s system temperature, and so much more.

This app’s interface is also very simple and easy to navigate. There is also a very handy widget that allows you to turn off the phone’s WiFi and Bluetooth, for example.

The Battery Doctor App for Android is a splendid app for people who want to bring out the best of their mobile phone’s battery. This app is free to download in the Google Play Store.

The hCG Diet and Why it is Fast and Effective

I have to admit, I was against hCG dieting too. The caloric restriction, the expensive hCG shots, and weeks of near-starvation is what pushed me away to liking this diet. The critics also have a lot of things to say about the low-calorie diet that accompanies the hCG diet plan.

Critics claim that when you are on a low-calorie diet, your body tends to lose muscle mass. Not only that, but the long-term effects of eating only a low-calorie diet would mean permanent and irreversible damage to certain body organs and the abnormal metabolic rates of the body.

hcg-dietThat is really scary for people who want to try the hCG diet. But, hCG advocates have very nice things to say about the hCG diet. Although, on the surface, it seems that the diet can do more harm than good. But, there are some things that most people, especially the critics, don’t know about the hCG diet.

The hCG diet requires you to eat only 500-calories a day and take hCG shots each time for 4-6 weeks. 500-calories, as we know, is not enough for the body. But, the human hormone hCG helps burn fat rapidly because of this diet. And, the hormone shields us from the harmful effects of eating only a few calories per day.

In short, the hCG diet helps us eliminate unwanted fats faster than any diet out there. Not to mention, the fears of losing muscle mass, permanent organ damage and slower metabolic rates are non-existent when you are on the hCG diet.

Heck, even Dr. Oz showcased the miracles of the hCG diet and why people should try it if they have weight-loss problems. But, it is important to note a few things before trying this diet.

First is that hCG shots are quite expensive. You will have to shell out a lot of dollars if you want to have a 6-week supply of the human hormone.

Second, be prepared for a very restricted diet. As previously mentioned, you’re only allowed to eat foods that collectively totals 500 calories per day, which translated into normal language, would mean you can’t eat a lot.

Third, people may dissuade you from trying this diet. So, before plunging in and trying this diet, you must make a conscious commitment to do so. After all, this is for the sake of weight-loss, right?

To answer the critics’ claims of the hCG diet’s ridiculous caloric restrictions not providing enough energy in a day for optimum bodily functions, that is just not true.

You see, what hCG does is it converts fat into energy. If you can remember your science class during your primary school days, fat is just stored energy. What hCG does is it uses fat as energy, as opposed to carbohydrates. Thus, you will not only lose fat faster, but you will gain a lot of energy because of the fat you’re burning.

In summary, do not believe the naysayers and their unfounded claims. Always stick to the facts.